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Audio-Visual Equipment: Document camera

Elmo TT-02rx document camera

Elmo tt02rx document camera

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The advent of high-quality, reliable visual presentation is at your fingertips with the Elmo TT-02rx. This compact and portable presenter is designed specifically for educational applications with high-quality imagery reproduced by its 1.39MP CMOS sensor, 30FPS blur-free motion video, and SXGA, WXGA, XGA selectable output resolutions. USB 2.0 interface offers video and audio recording capabilities when connected to your PC. Its lens features a 5.2x optical zoom, 8x digital zoom, and auto focus; and optimum image exposure on the (11 x 17") shooting base is achieved with its auto brightness functionality and a built-in white LED lamp. In addition, it features an SD/SDHC card slot, easy integration with microscopes, picture-in-picture display, intuitive on-board menu, and an IR remote control