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Music help guides

Tips for finding scores

Music can be tricky to find in a library's catalog. Try these tips and please ask us if you need help.

  • Start with a keyword search and use what you know: composer, title, instrumentation, whatever it might be.
  • Don't put in too many words to start with. Being too specific can skip relevant items.
  • Look for "controlled vocabulary": the official terms we use to describe a work or type of work.
  • Music titles can vary widely. Sometimes they are singular, sometimes plural, oftentimes in other languages.
  • If you're looking for a "generic" work (sonata, concerto, symphony, etc) put an asterisk (*) at the end of the word to find both singular and plural forms.
  • If it's a distinctive title (Rite of Spring, Otello, etc) look for the official title (it may be in a different language) and try searching with that.

Of course you can also try OhioLINKIMSLP, and Classical Scores Library.

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