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Mozart, Così Fan Tutte: Welcome

By Eddie Schartman

Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte

Among the Riemenschneider Bach Institute (RBI)'s priceless collection of musical works from various composers lies Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Così Fan Tutte. Our very own Dr. Albert Riemenschneider received the work through donation by Emmy Martin. 

Title Page

Note: All pictures shown on slides 1,2, and 3 of this online guide were retrieved from the RBI Digital Collection found at this link:

Cosi Fan Tutte

Così Fan Tutte is a piece of music in the comic opera form from the classical period of music. The composer of this piece is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a famous classical composer who wrote a number of concertos, sonatas for piano, symphonies, and many more styles of music. Any vocalist or instrumentalist who has had a taste of the opera world knows that this is a rich and rewarding work to perform. The story of Così Fan Tutte is one of infidelity. The nasty Don Alfonso, his heart set on women’s infidelity, provokes his two younger friends Ferrando and Guglielmo by discovering the truth of their fiancee’s faithlessness. Mozart composed this piece in 1789 during the later years of his life, to a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte. The music perfectly represents the type of music that was considered Mozart’s later style. Personally speaking, this piece is quite wonderful and the themes that this piece sets down, from beginning to end, are remarkable.