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STEM: Digital Microscope

Brightwell-Tech 3D digital microscope QX 800 Metal HD High Resolution


Product Description
HD Digital Microscope, 2014 Brand New Design
magnification 5x-800x
HD 720P
8M Pixels
3D function
Product Feature
2014 brand new design
HD high resolution with 3D inspection function
Aluminum alloy body provides rigid-precise working system
Full function stand support good inspection for user
High density resolution image display
3-dimension preview function is WW1 in this market
All metal mechanical design provides stable quality
Built-in 8 LEDs for brightness compensation
Snap key for photo taking
Full function microscope stand
Product Specification/Models
5X ~ 800X ( Max ) Dual Magnification Optical System
HD High Resolution up to 8M Pixel ( Interpolation )
2013 All New High Speed Controller
3D Preview Function For Better Inspection Quality
360 Degree Full Range Stand & 45 Degree Tilt Angle Arm
Super Brightness LED X 8 & Brightness Control
Snapshot & Video Recording Available
Win XP , Vista , Win 7 , Win 8 . MAC OS Compatible
Micro Measure Tool ( Application Software )
Out Standing Master Design by Al-Alloy Raw Material
Eyes Protection , Avoid the Strong Illumination Hurts
User Friendly , Good Reliability & Easy Maintain