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Digital Newspaper Subscriptions

New York Times: Claiming a new subscription

New York Times: Renewing a subscription (Faculty and Staff only)

As of April 2021, the New York Times has a 1456 day (4 year) subscription period. When a pass expires, navigate to  Click on "Already have a pass" to renew. If you were using a mobile device and have lost access, renew your pass first then try the mobile device again. If this doesn't work you may have to delete the NYT app and re-install it to regain your mobile account.

Access to older issues of the New York Times institutional subscriptions provide full access to New York Times articles published between 1851 through 1922, and between 1981 through current day. Access to the years 1923-1980 is limited for institutional subscribers.

Access to articles from 1923 to 1980 is limited to five articles per 24-hours for the duration of your Pass.

To search and view page scans of New York Times articles published between 1851-2002 OR to obtain a PDF of an article published between 1851-1980 use the TimesMachine. BW pass holders can download up to 5 PDFs every 24 hours.