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Music Research



JSTOR is a full-text journal archive that includes over 1,400 leading academic journals and primary source materials valuable for academic work. The entire archive is full-text searchable, includes images and multi-media files, and is interlinked by millions of citations and references.



JSTOR includes some sixty-three music journals, more than that if you count supplemental publications. Most of these have moving walls, meaning that the last few years are not available (typically one to five years depending on the individual journal’s policy). Most of the journals are full runs (excluding the moving walls) and some of them go as far back as the nineteenth century.

JSTOR has recently begun adding books to its collection and now has over 450 relatively recent books in music.


Access JSTOR



  • Use the Advanced Search mode.
  • Note that you can limit a search by language, date, and publication type, among other criteria.
  • You may want to make your search more specific at some point by selecting an index such as Author or Item Title.
  • Remember that you are searching a very large multi-disciplinary database. Names that are at all common may return many, many results. Be specific!
  • You can use the check boxes on the search page to limit to a particular discipline (such as music).
  • If you're searching the full text, you may need to be even more specific and use proximity searching.
  • Set up your own personal account on JSTOR to enable features like saving citations and searches, and "following" certain titles.