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Percussion Instruments Guide

Searching the Library Catalog by Subject

To locate books about a specific person or topic, use the Subject Search in the OPAL Library Catalog. Each book has been tagged with specific subject headings that describe its content.


A wide variety of subject headings are useful in locating materials related to percussion instruments   Search under the broad subject, "Percussion instruments" or by a specific instrument.  Various sub-categories can be used after the name of any instrument to provide access to more specific resources..


Important Call Numbers

Reference books:

 ML102.P4  Percussion dictionaries and encyclopedias
 ML128.P23  Percussion bibliographies


Books on percussion history and criticism:

 ML1030  General
 ML1035  Drums including drum set
 ML1036  Timpani
 ML1038  Other percussion instruments alphabetically: arará, atabaque, batá, bodhrán, bonkó, bronze drum, ceṇḍa, dhimay, kotsuzumi, mridanga, nāykhim, pung, rebana, santūr, steel drum, tabla, tupan
 ML1039  Bells, carillons, gongs, chimes, including change ringing, peals, etc.
 ML1048  Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, etc.
 ML1049  All other percussion instruments not mentioned in ML1038