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Research & Scholarship

For Students

The Riemenschneider Bach Institute is dedicated to providing undergraduate students access to its collections and supports exemplary opportunities for research and study. Undergraduates currently enrolled at Baldwin Wallace, as well as undergraduate students from other institutions, can apply to the following programs for funding and research support. Graduate students can apply to the Martha Goldsworthy Arnold Fellowship (See “For Scholars”). Interested students should contact Dr. Danielle Kuntz, RBI Scholar-in-Residence, to learn more about these opportunities in order to select the program that is best suited to their project. 


The RBI Scholars Program provides financial support to BW students wishing to complete mentored research in the collections of the RBI. Up to five $1000 awards are granted annually and can support a variety of project focuses, including academic, performance, educational, and interdisciplinary outcomes. Students selected for the program will receive research support from RBI faculty and staff, as well as a selected faculty mentor. Applications are due each spring by March 1.

Apply for the RBI Scholars Program


Non-BW undergraduates wishing to gain research experience and learn more about the Riemenschneider Bach Institute collections are invited to apply to the American Bach Society’s Frances Alford Brokaw Grant, which provides $1000 in support to complete research at the RBI. Information about eligibility and applications is available at


Students at BW are able to utilize RBI resources to strengthen their academic study in many ways and are invited to explore how RBI resources might enhance projects related to their academic and performance coursework. In addition to the RBI Scholars Program, students have engaged RBI materials in projects supported by the BW Office of Honors and Scholars, including Honors Option Thesis projects and the BW Summer Scholars Program, as well as in conjunction with coursework, such as MUC 329, Intro to Music Research.