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Mozart, Le Nozze di Figaro: Le nozze di Figaro

By Maggie Milano

Overall Description

This version of Le Nozze Di Figaro was printed in 1810 in Paris, France. It includes French and Italian text.

Title Page

The Marriage of Figaro

Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) is one of Mozart’s most loved Opera Buffas, as it includes fantastic music and an amusing plot. Centered around the marriage of two servants Figaro (baritone) and Susanna (soprano), the story depicts the obstacles they face along the way such as the threat of the Count (baritone), Figaro’s master, attempting to take advantage of Susanna on her wedding night, Marcellina (mezzo-soprano) and Basilio (tenor), attempting to steal Figaro from Susanna, and the comedy of Cherubino (mezzo-soprano), a young teen boy lusting after the Countess (soprano), who suspects the Count's infidelity. Susanna is a great example of a Mozart female character: smart, witty, sensual, and two steps ahead of everyone. Figaro is also a perfect example of a Mozart male protagonist, as he is passionate, strong, and comedic. Mozart is known for his ability to depict characters not only through the plot/acting but also through the music they sing. All of Mozart’s characters are relatable in some way, as they all come from different social classes, such as servants versus counts and countesses. Because of its accessibility, it was one of the most popular Mozart operas of his time.