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Use the link below to search periodicals by name. A few periodicals are available in Ritter Library in print form, but most are available online via one of the OhioLINK or Ritter Library database subscriptions.  If the periodical title appears on the result list, click either Full Text Access if you have a citation or Search within to search by article information. Link to the full text of an article. 

If you want to do research across many different periodicals on a specific topic, use one of the databases listed on the Databases tab.

Use Interlibrary loan to request PDF's of articles that are not available through Ritter/OhioLINK subscriptions.


The JSTOR database is a digital library of journals, academic ebooks, and primary sources. Containing the full-text of more than 2,000 journals published from 1665 to within 5 years of the present year, JSTOR offers an opportunity to locate non-current articles. Indexed journals cover more than 60 disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, sciences and mathematics.

The database provides access to over 100,000 ebooks from academic publishers. There are no limits on use and the ebooks can be downloaded by chapter in PDF format.

Millions of primary sources are included in the database. For more descriptive information about JSTOR see:

To access JSTOR, go to .

Search Google Magazines

Many magazines articles are available full-text from Google Book Search.

Google Book Search