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Faculty Spa Day

Appointment links or Email

Librarian Appointment calendars

Charles Vesei: 

Paul Cary: 

John Curtis: 

Laurie Willis: 

Faculty members:

Peter Hoekje: 

Amy Jo Sutterluety: 

Tom Sutton 

Educational Technology:

Donna Gutschmidt: 

Kingsley Magpoc:    

Emily Weller:  


Shane Morehouse:


Jackie Rodriguez: 


Contact Information

Consultant                          email                                     campus phone ext. 440-826-

Charles Vesei                           3579

Paul Cary                                    8074

John Curtis                                3571

Laurie Willis                               3569

Donna Gutschmidt           2705

Kingsley Magpoc              2050

Emily Weller                          2051

Amy Jo Sutterluety            3175

Tom Sutton                           2460

Peter Hoekje                       2494

Shane Morehouse        6998

Jackie Rodriguez              3567