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Audio-Visual Equipment: Speaker

QSC K10 speaker


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Anchor Explorer PB2500 speaker

Anchor Explorer PB2500 speaker

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Gemini AS-15P


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Vu speaker stand (for QSC K10 speaker)

Vu speaker stand (for QSC K10 speaker)

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Specifications - QSC K10 speaker

QSC's K10 is a lightweight powered loudspeaker that features a 1000 Class D power module and is fitted with an identical woofer and a 1.75" HF transducer.  The K10 also features auto-standby mode, XLR & 1/4" TRS mic/line level ins, RCA phono ins, direct outs on each channel, a balanced out for daisy-chaining up to three sources and extensive DSP processing.  EQ settings for both the high-freq. and low-freq. transducers are adjustable on each unit. 

*  Comes in tote bag

*  Speaker Stands Available

Specifications - Anchor Explorer PB2500 speaker

The Explorer is a full range sound system that delivers crystal clear speech and high fidelity music to audiences of 50 to 100 people. It is a favorite of the audio rental companies and hotels for a quick set-up in a conference room. Weighing less than 25 pounds, this sound system has also traveled the world with missionaries and aboard cruise ships. Explorer delivers a great balance of speech clarity and music fidelity.

- AC or battery powered.
- One XLR balanced phantom-powered mic input, an unbalanced 1/4" phone mic input and a line level input with 1/4" phone and RCA jacks.
- RCA line output.
- Weight, approx. 23 pounds.

*  Tabletop Use Only ~ No Stand

Specifications - Gemini AS-15P


Powered speaker with nice mixer section.

The Gemini AS-15P is a 2000W powered loudspeaker with a 15" woofer and 2" HF driver that is suitable for bands, DJs, permanent installations and other kinds of sound reinforcement applications. It is lightweight and powerful, and is priced to be within the means of most bands, venues and performers. In addition to its high power rating and clear, present sound, the AS-15P is equipped with a versatile mixer section that makes it a particularly useful piece of equipment.

Mixer section
The AS-15P features a two-input miker section, each with its own discrete volume control. One channel features an XLR input, a 1/4" input and a volume control, and the other features XLR, 1/4", RCA and 3.5mm TRS. There is a two-band equalizer for the mix output, as well as an XLR mix output for daisy-chaining to other speakers.


Speaker configuration

  • Active/passive: Active
  • Type: 2-Way full range
  • LF driver: 15"
  • MF driver: Not applicable
  • HF driver: 2"


  • Amplifier class: AB
  • Wattage: 2000
  • Mixer/preamp: Yes


  • Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz
  • Coverage pattern: 100 x 60
  • Max SPL: 128 dB


  • XLR: 2
  • TRS: 1
  • TS: Not applicable
  • RCA: 1
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable


  • XLR: 1
  • TRS: Not applicable
  • TS: Not applicable
  • RCA: Not applicable
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable


  • Cabinet material: Molded
  • Width: 16.1"
  • Height: 27.2"
  • Depth: 14.2"
  • Weight: 35.2 lbs.

Vu speaker stand (for QSC K10 speaker)

The SSA100-10B from Vu is a large speaker stand constructed of 1.5" to 1.62" aluminum tubing. It is height adjustable from 52.25" to 83.375" and features a metal clutch, nylon block, tripod base and rubber feet. This stand is designed for use with PA systems and can support speakers up to 130lbs.


•     Aluminum Construction With 1.5" - 1.62" Tubing

•     Folding Tripod Base With Rubber Feet

•     Fits standard 1-3/8" pole sockets

•     130lb weight limit 

•     Metal Clutch

•     Nylon Block

52.25" - 83.375" Height Adjustment