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Music Theory

Searching the Library Catalog by Subject

To locate books about a specific person or topic, use the Subject Search in the OPAL Library Catalog. Each book has been tagged with specific subject headings that describe its content.

A wide variety of subject headings are useful in locating materials related to Music Theory.   

Use the following subject headings as examples:

Important Call Numbers

Most books related to Music Theory will be found in the MT collection which is located in the moveable shelving behind the reference desk.  

MT 5.5 - 7 Music Theory - Instruction & Study
MT 9 - 15 Printed pedagogical aids
MT 20 - 34 Systems and  methods (e.g. Dalcroze)
MT 35 - 39 Ear training / Notation
MT 40 - 67 Composition. Elements & techniques of music
MT 50 Harmony textbooks
MT 70 - 74 Instrumentation and orchestration
MT 75 Interpretation
MT 80 Embellishment
MT 90 - 146 Analysis and appreciation of musical works
MT 165 Tuning
MT 224 Keyboard harmony
MT 870 Sight Singing