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Vocal Performance & Opera


CD Sheet Music

CD Sheet Music provides access to public domain scores which have been scanned in PDF form.  The following collections related to vocal repertoire are accessible at the Jones Music Library Circulation Desk.

Important Call Numbers

The following table outlines important call numbers for vocal and opera repertoire.

Call Number Genre
M 1500 Operas - Full scores
M 1503 Operas - Vocal scores
M 1507 Operas Anthologies
M 1611-1998 Singing and vocal techniques
M 1619 Songs & lieder (printed music)
M 1620 Anthologies with piano
M 1621 Collections with piano (one composer)
M 1627-1853c National music
M 1999-2199 Sacred Vocal Music
M 2102-2114 Sacred songs for one voice

Searching the Library Catalog for Scores

Typically, vocal music and opera repertoire is published in collections (e.g. Schubert Lieder) or within a complete work (Mozart's Così fan tutte).    The library collection also includes anthologies of songs published for specific tessituras and/or specific genre (e.g. German lieder for the mezzo soprano). 

Use the following guidelines when searching OPAL for vocal repertoire.

Searching for... Keyword Search Alternate Keyword search Limited to material type
Popular song Composer's last name AND song title Composer's last name AND "songs" (or title of larger work) music score
Aria Composer's last name AND aria title (original language) Composer's last name AND Title of opera music score
Lieder Composer's last name AND Lieder title (original language) Composer's last name AND "songs" music score
Complete opera Composer's last name AND Title of the work (original work) Composer's last name AND Alternate title music score

For comprehensive repertoire lists for voice & opera, see the Bibliography tab in this guide. 

Online Sheet Music Library

The Online Sheet Music Library is a collection of vocal music based on the library of Kari Kuosmanen.     Each score is available in the Sibelius file format.  Therefore, one can easily transpose a given composition.  The library is free of charge.   It requires the use of the Scorch plug-in

Classical Scores Online

There are a wide variety of public domain scores available on the Internet.   The Loeb Music Library at Harvard University provides a more comprehensive list of digital scores collections available on the web.    This is a list of more substantial collections.