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Music Education

Related Call Numbers for Browsing

Please note that resources under these call numbers may be found in the Kershner Music Center and/or the Jones Music Library's general collection.

M1990-1998 Secular Vocal Music for Children
M2190-2196 Sacred Vocal Music for Children
ML3928-3930 Literature for Children
MT1       General Works on Instruction
MT2.5    Music Study Abroad
MT3-5    History of Instruction and Study
MT5.5-7 Music Theory
MT9-15    Printed Pedagogical Aids
MT9 Examinations, Exercises, etc.
MT10   . Teachers' and Supervisors' Manuals, Etc
MT15 Charts, Diagrams, Etc.
MT17 Music in Special Education
MT18 Music in Colleges and Universities
MT20-34 Systems and Methods
MT85 Conducting.  Score Reading and Playing
MT88 Administation and Instruction of Vocal Groups
MT150 Audio Visual Aids
MT155 Music Theory for Children  
MT170-810 Instrumental Techniques
MT179-258 Keyboard Instruments
MT259-338 Stringed Instruments, Bowed String Instruments
MT339-533 Wind Instruments
MT539-654 Plucked Instruments
MT655-725 Percussion and Other Instruments
MT728-735   Ensembles
MT740-810    Instrumental Techniques for Children
MT820-915 Singing and Vocal Technique
MT898-915 Vocal Techniques for Children
MT918-948 School Music
MT920-925 Kindergarten
MT930-948 Elementary Schools. Junior High Schools. High Schools