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Woodwind Instruments Guide

A guide to print and electronic resources related to woodwind instruments at the Jones Music Library.

Searching the Library Catalog by Subject

To locate books about a specific person or topic, use the Subject Search in the OPAL Library Catalog. Each book has been tagged with specific subject headings that describe its content.


The subject, woodwind instruments, will list resources that discuss more than one or the entire family of instruments.  Various sub-categories can be used after the name of any instrument to provide access to more specific resources..

It is also possible to search for music of a particular country or time period.  

Important Call Numbers

The following table outlines call numbers for materials on instruction & study for each woodwind instrument.

Additional materials may be found in the Kershner Music Education Center.

  Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone
General works MT 340   MT 360 MT 380 MT 400 MT 500
Method books
MT 342 MT 362 MT 382 MT 402 MT 502
Studies & exercises (etudes) MT 345 MT 365 MT 385 MT 405 MT 505
Orchestral studies/excerpts MT 346 MT 366 MT 386 MT 406 MT 506