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Map of South Africa Apartheid homelands

Apartheid  ah PAHRT hayt or ah PAHRT hyt 

was, from 1948 until 1991, the South African government's policy of rigid racial segregation. The word apartheid means separateness in Afrikaans, one of South Africa's official languages.

Full-text link to World Book Online Advanced:


Pettigrew, Thomas F. "Apartheid." World Book Advanced, World Book, 2020, Accessed 21 Apr. 2020. 

Overcoming Apartheid Building Democracy

About Overcoming Apartheid and Michigan State University

This educational website provides primary source materials, newly-written narrative, and curriculum ideas for teaching high school and undergraduate students about the many generations who struggled to end apartheid and build democracy in South Africa.

Interviews with more than 60 people bring this history alive. Many important oral history projects are being undertaken in South Africa, but few are online. This website’s 40 hours of interviews – and 120 segments created from them – are a unique historical resource for anyone who cares about people determined to become free from oppression. We are particularly grateful to the people who agreed to be interviewed for telling their personal stories about the struggle against apartheid.

Creating this online curricular resource continues a long-standing interest in South Africa at Michigan State University’s African Studies Center and MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online.

Link to the Michigan State University website:

Overcoming Apartheid

Apartheid (Films on Demand)

Blacks Suffer under Apartheid in South Africa ca. 1960

Image from film Blacks suffer under Apartheid

All Baldwin Wallace students, faculty, and staff have access to content in Films on Demand. Use the linked images above and below to view the films.