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Flute Materials in the Riemenschneider Bach Institute


Miscellaneous Flute-Related Materials

This page contains any materials that significantly focus on the flute but do not fit into any of the guide's other categories.

The works on this page are listed in alphabetical order by author's last name as follows: 

Galway, James. An Autobiography. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1979. ML419.G28 A3 1979. Circulating.

Full Title Page

James Galway / An Autobiography / St. Martin's Press / New York


Autobiography written by James Galway. Covers Galway's childhood up until August of 1977 when he was run over by a motorcycle while walking in Lucerne, Switzerland. Also briefly touches on his subsequent recovery from that accident.

Unique Markings

Sticker on inside cover reads "Riemenschneider Bach Inst. Library Tom Villella Collection"

Pencil markings on title page read "ML 419 .G28 A3", "V. 59", "ISBN-0-312-43965-2", and "1979"

Galway, James (1939-)


Sir James Galway was born in Belfast, Ireland on December 8, 1939. Galway's parents were amateur musicians, as were many of their neighbors in Belfast, and Galway began playing pennywhistle at a young age before taking up the violin and flute. At age 10, Galway won the Irish Flute Championship, which led to him playing in the Belfast Youth Orchestra and on BBC broadcasts. Galway briefly worked as a piano tuner before studying at the Royal College of Music with John Francis (1956-1959) and at the Paris Conservatoire (1960-1961) with Gaston Crunelle and Jean-Pierre Rampal. 

Following his graduation from the Paris Conservatoire, Galway worked for about a decade as an orchestral flutist with a variety of ensembles including the Sadler's Wells Opera (1961-1966), London Symphony Orchestra (1966-1967), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1967-1969), and the Berlin Philharmonic (1969-1975). After departing the Berlin Philharmonic, Galway decided to focus his efforts on being a soloist - releasing his first two solo albums in 1975.

Today, Galway has become one of the most widely renowned solo flutists in the world, giving performances and producing records of classical, popular, and film music. Galway's work has received a variety of awards and accolades including a knighthood in 2001. Today, Galway and his wife, flutist Lady Jeanne Galway, live together in Switzerland with their four children. Both maintain active careers as flutists and are quite active in the realm of flute education. James Galway is the president of Flutewise, a nonprofit organization that provides flutes to students with disabilities and low-income families, and both James and Jeanne Galway frequently give masterclasses around the world.

Additional Flute-Related Writings

  • Flute (1982)
  • The Man with the Golden Flute: Sir James, a Celtic Minstrel (2009)

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