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String Instruments Guide

Searching the Library Catalog for Scores

To locate printed music for a specific instrumentation, you may use the subject search in the OPAL Catalog.   Each resource has been tagged with specific subject headings that describe its content.   For comprehensive repertoire lists for ensembles, see the Bibliographies & Repertoire Guides tab in this guide. 

Subject headings for printed music typically use the name of the instrument(s) followed by the word music (e.g. piano music, flute music).  Limit the search by the material type "music score."  To find duets for two distinct instruments, use the the following form:

  • Harp music
  • Oboe and harp music

 Subject headings for  ensemble music will be listed under the plural form of the genre followed by the instruments (Trios, Quartets...).  However, if the ensemble consists of the same instrument, use the plural form of the instruments name.

Classical Scores Online

There are a wide variety of public domain scores available on the Internet.   The Loeb Music Library at Harvard University provides a more comprehensive list of digital scores collections available on the web.    This is a list of more substantial collections.

Important Call Numbers

The following table outlines important call numbers for solo and ensemble repertoire for the harp.

 Harp Call Number
Solos M 116 - 119
Solo with piano M 272 - 273
Concertos/orchestra M 1036