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Collection Development

Collection Development

About the policy: 

This is a guideline for acquiring and maintaining materials for the archive collection to support undergraduate and master’s programs. The goals of the collection should be quality over quantity, and direct support of the curriculum. Increase in costs of publishing and the demand for information in different formats, demand careful selection to ensure the best use of financial resources.

Defining the collection: 

The University Archive's collection is defined as the variety of physical and digital resources. These include records, manuscripts, books, ebooks, and multimedia materials. The Archivist plays an important part in selecting material for the collection. The Archivist will communicate regularly through email, meetings, and other appropriate means to suggest new materials to faculty.


Archival materials do not circulate. Research must be done in person. A research appointment is strongly suggested for those wishing to review the materials in the archive.


The Archive welcomes donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Financial gifts help the archive buy materials; sponsor events for students and the public; and enhance the archive environment. Donations of materials are accepted with the understanding that the archive disposes of, or adds them to, the collection at the archivist’s discretion. 

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