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Library Policies

Authorized Borrowers

The following persons have full borrowing privileges from Ritter Library upon presentation of a current Baldwin Wallace University identification card, or other identification as specified below:

1. Registered students in good standing

2. Faculty members (full- and part-time)

3. Administrators

4. University staff

Ritter Library is a member of the OhioLINK consortium. Anyone with a valid card from another OhioLINK Library can borrow materials from Ritter Library via an OhioLINK loan. Through OhioLINK, users also have access to SearchOhio, and Individuals with valid Cuyahoga County Public Library cards may also borrow Ritter Library materials, as Cuyahoga County Public Library is a member of SearchOhio. OhioLINK policies apply to these loans. Note that the Cleveland Public Library system is not a member of OhioLINK or SearchOhio.

Other persons wishing to borrow materials from Ritter Library must schedule an interview with the Library Director during regular business hours.

ILR attendees

ILR enrollees do not have BW login credentials, so they do not have remote access to databases.

ILR enrollees are allowed walk-in patron access to databases on library computers via a library employee-controlled fob that generates a one-time login code.

If ILR enrollees need the assistance of a librarian, they should make an appointment via telephone ahead of time.  Expectations for librarian service to ILR enrollees is only for a best-effort and as time permits.  BW students, faculty, and staff are always the primary focus and priority of librarians.

ILR enrollees need a Cuyahoga County Public Library card if they want to check out print books from Ritter Library.

Only those ILR instructors that are BW faculty/adjuncts have access to Ritter Library electronic resources.