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Representation in STEM: Acknowledgements

A digital conduit for student-curated content presenting the contributions and challenges faced by underrepresented prominent figures in STEM. Physical banners were placed on display at Baldwin Wallace in spring 2022 with supporting programming scheduled.

Acknowledgements and special thanks to all the faculty and staff whose contributions made this project possible. Financial support, student mentoring, technical support, promotion, and guidance were provided by:

Dr. Jacqueline Morris: Professor of Biology
Dr. Jennifer Kadlowec: Engineering Department Chair, Professor of Engineering
Dr. Andrew Merwin: Assistant Professor of Zoology
Dr. Rachelle Hippler: Associate Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Richard Little: Professor of Math and Computer Science
Katie Adkins: Director of STEM and Student Support
Dr. Navneet Grant: Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Kieth A. Peppers: University Archivist, Historian, and Instructor

Charles Vesei: Library Director
Dr. James McCargar: Associate Dean, School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computing.