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Representation in STEM: Home

A digital conduit for student-curated content presenting the contributions and challenges faced by underrepresented prominent figures in STEM. Physical banners were placed on display at Baldwin Wallace in spring 2022 with supporting programming scheduled.

"Diversity drives innovation – when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve."    ~Telle Whitney: Woman, Computer Scientist, CEO

Students from STEM disciplines, including mathematics, biology, neuroscience, computer sciences, chemistry, engineering, and physics were mentored by faculty members as independent study experiences.   

Each student was responsible for the identification and subsequent research into diverse prominent living scientists in their field and prepare text and photos that would be used to create professionally printed, visually appealing banners.  

All banners featured stories of diverse STEM professionals. Diversity was considered on broader terms than ethnicity and culture. Disability, gender, sexual identity, race, and socio-economic status were considered.  Students were encouraged to connect their own background and courses of study to that of their chosen STEM professionals. Featured individuals were accomplished, actively involved professionals, whose careers touched many disciplines.  

Each student earned academic credits for their participation. 

Proudly supported by:

School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Computing

Ritter Library

STEM Scholars Program