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Representation in STEM: Koos, Kyla

A digital conduit for student-curated content presenting the contributions and challenges faced by underrepresented prominent figures in STEM. Physical banners were placed on display at Baldwin Wallace in spring 2022 with supporting programming scheduled.

Kyla Koos

Kyla Koos is a sophomore Physics and Applied Mathematics double major from Elyria, Ohio. Throughout high school, she was a driven student, going from being recommended for less challenging math and science courses in middle school, to taking a full load of AP Physics and Chemistry courses at Elyria High School and Calculus courses through a local community college her senior year of high school. Studying STEM has been a great influence on Kyla’s life and has played a significant role in shaping who she is today. Currently, Kyla is a teaching assistant and a tutor for three physics courses at BW, a member of the Physics Department Action Team, and the president of the Problem-Solving Club. After participating in independent research, taking inspiration from her professors, and helping others learn physics, she has strong aspirations to earn a PhD in physics, pursue research in Quantum Computing, and become a professor of physics at the university level. Some of Kyla’s lesser-known hobbies are that she enjoys painting, crocheting, and Penny Boarding around campus. Kyla has also been a Lorain County Hungarian Folk Dancer for over 13 years.