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Representation in STEM: Turner, Aleyah

A digital conduit for student-curated content presenting the contributions and challenges faced by underrepresented prominent figures in STEM. Physical banners were placed on display at Baldwin Wallace in spring 2022 with supporting programming scheduled.

Aleyah Turner

As a senior in college, Aleyah Turner has had such an experience at BW. Her major is Chemistry, with a Minor is Forensic Science. One important experience she had was traveling to Columbus her freshman year and listening to females in the STEM industry talk about their line of work which taught her how to talk to other professionals and express her own interests. Sophomore year at BW, Aleyah participated in a STEM FEMME week, presented by Center for Innovation and Growth. During the week, students learned to be entrepreneurs and at the end, they completed a group contest with recyclable inventions. Students also attended the NASA research center and was able to learn how some of their instruments work. Aleyah aspires to be a forensic scientist working in labs and testing evidence. One interesting fact about Aleyah is that she have a four-year-old daughter who looks up to her and hopes to inspire her.