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Representation in STEM: Musat, Alyssa

A digital conduit for student-curated content presenting the contributions and challenges faced by underrepresented prominent figures in STEM. Physical banners were placed on display at Baldwin Wallace in spring 2022 with supporting programming scheduled.

Alyssa Musat

Alyssa Musat is a first year student at Baldwin Wallace University majoring in neuroscience with a minor in computer science. She attended Medina High School in which she earned her diploma in 2021. At Baldwin Wallace, she is involved in the Rotaract club, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society, running club, and she works at the Ritter Library. Following her graduation from BW, she hopes to possibly attend graduate school or jump right into research in a lab. Alyssa is interested in many of the aspects involved in neuroscience including the underlying biology, psychology, and computational facets, so any and all research regarding these topics fascinates her. Alyssa has three siblings and two dogs whom she loves to spend time with when she is home on breaks. An interesting fact about Alyssa is that in her junior year of high school she was an ambassador for Ballet in the City, a nonprofit organization that aims to connect dancers all around the world, professional and otherwise, and provide dancers with exceptional opportunities to build their networking in the field.