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Citation Styles for Music

Translations (print & online)

Translation of a book AuthorLastname, F. N. (Year). Title of book/work (F.N. LastNameTranslator, Trans.). Location: Publisher.

Hindemith, P. (1941-42). The craft of musical composition (A. Mendel & O. Ortmann, Trans.). New York: Associated Music Press.
Song translation in a collection AuthorLastName, F.N.(Year). Title of Song.  (LastNameTranslator, F.N., Trans.) IN F.N. EditorLastname (Ed.)Title of Collection (pp. xxx-xxx). Location: Publisher.

Stravinsky ,I. (1973). La lune blanche. (Miller, P. M., Trans.) IN The ring of words: an anthology of song texts. (p. 353).  New York: W. W. Norton.
Translation from IPA Source (or located online) AuthorLastname, F. N.(Year). Title of book/work (F.N. LastNameTranslator, Trans.). Location: Publisher. Retrieved from http://www.www.www.

Stravinsky, I. (2008). Sagesse. (B. Suverkrop, Trans.) Retrieved from

In-text citations

The following table may be used as a guide for common in-text citations.  

Type of citation What is in-text
The entire work (Joseph, 2001)
A specific page (Joseph, 2001, p. 33)
Author's name included in text "Joseph (2001, p. 33) states that.."
An online article with no page numbers (Bob, 2010, para. 6)
Citing multiple authors See resources below

The following resources provide additional information regarding citing multiple authors and other unique situations:

APA Style Manual