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Citation Styles for Music

Style Manuals

As of 2020, we now have online access to the Chicago Manual of Style, which should answer all your questions about citing sources properly in Chicago Style.

Image of cover of Chicago Manual, 17th edition

Humanities Style

Article on a website Note: ¹Chris Johnson, "The etiquette box: The culture of classical music needs redress," Sightlines, Accessed November 5,  2017,

Bibliography: Johnson, Chris. "The Etiquette Box: The Culture of Classical Music Needs Redress." Sightlines. Accessed November 5, 2017.
Entire Website Note: ¹Dolmetsch Organization,  Music Dictionary, last modified  August 23, 2017,

Bibliography: Dolmetsch Organization. Music Dictionary. Last modified August 23, 2017.
E-book Note: ¹Gretchen Horlacher, Building Blocks: Repetition and Continuity in Stravinsky’s Music (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001), Accessed February 25, 2013

Bibliography: Horlacher, Gretchen. Building Blocks: Repetition and Continuity in Stravinsky’s Music. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. Also available in print.

Article in online encyclopedia

Note: ¹Stephen Walsh, 2001 "Stravinsky, Igor," Grove Music Online, 18 Sep. 2018, http:////


Walsh, Stephen. 2001 "Stravinsky, Igor." Grove Music Online. 22 Sep. 2018. http:////