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Citation Styles for Music

Works Cited

Signed Article in print encyclopedia For commonly used or well-known reference books, do not give full publication information; only provide edition and year of publication.

AuthorLastname, Firstname(if available). "Title of Entry." Name of Dictionary/Encyclopedia.  Ed. EditorFirstname Lastname. Ed. #. Vol. #. Year of Publication. Medium.

Masullo, Dean A. "Dixon, Willie James." The Encyclopdia of the Blues.  Ed. Edward Komara. Vol. 1. 2006. Print.
Article in online encyclopedia AuthorLastname, Firstname (if available). "Title of Entry." Name of Dictionary/Encyclopedia. Name of institution/organization affiliated with site (sponsor or publisher). Date of Publication. Medium.Date you accessed it.

Walsh, Stephen. "Stravinsky, Igor." Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online. Oxford University Press. Web. 25 February 2013.

In-Text Citations

In MLA Style, parenthetical references are used when quoting or referring to sources consulted in the body of the document.  After a quote or paraphrase, a reference including the author's name and other attributing information will be enclosed in parentheses.   For a complete description of how to compose parenthetical references, consult the following resources.