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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Personnel - A

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Annear, Paul Richard

Long-time faculty member, Paul Annear, Mathematics and Astronomy. Source: Page 44, 1946 Grindstone.

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Citation: “India Asks; B- W Replies,” The Exponent, January 10, 1945, p. 3.

From distant India came a request from a group of American servicemen for the Baldwin-Wallace Observatory to act as mediator in a dispute as to whether the constellation the Southern Cross could be seen from that latitude.

This inquiry was the outgrowth of the ''Star Gazer Club" a radio program for amateur astronomers which was started in the early days of radio by Dr. O. L. Dustheimer of John Carroll University and formerly of Baldwin- Wallace. Professor Paul Annear, when he came to Baldwin-Wallace in 1942, continued to work with Dr. Dustheimer on the broadcast.

The broadcast, which attracted thousands of listeners, continued over WTAM until last spring when jt was temporarily discontinued.

Professor Annear, who received the letter from Sergeant George Boyce, says that they can see the Southern Cross at the given latitude about an hour before sunrise, five or 10 degrees above the horizon.

Citation: “Faculty Appointments,” Baldwin-Wallace College News Letter 8, no. 6 (1942): p. 2.

Professor Paul Richard Annear, who came to Baldwin-Wallace College as an instructor a year ago, has been made acting head of the department of Mathematics and Astronomy and director of the Burrell Astronomical Observatory. Mr. Annear is a graduate of Drake University and holds a Master's degree in Science from Case School of Applied Science. He has been recently working on a Doctor's degree at the University of Michigan.