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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: 1930s

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

1933: Bach Fest Begins

Citation: Kieth A. Peppers, 2020.


The first annual Bach Festival occurred on June 9, 1933 under the supervision of Albert Riemenschneider. In a prophetic article appearing in The Exponent, the upcoming Festival was described as the start of new tradition on campus. Fourteen soloists, a chorus, and orchestra provided students and spectators two performances. The Festival followed the creation of an extensive library of Bach-related materials Riemenscheider gathered during the years prior.

In 1982, Baldwin-Wallace was invited to participate in the Kennedy Center’s Festival of Festivals, in Washington D.C. Bach Fest has now ran for more than seventy-five years and attracted the attention of researchers and scholars, growing from its humble origins to a festival of international notoriety. 

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Riemenschneider-Bach Institute, BW’s Motet Choir will join the Westminster Choir for their 100th anniversary to perform Bach’s oratorio St. Matthew Passion.

1934: Dr. Wright becomes president

Citation: Ryan Cross and Debby Vespoli, "Through the Years...," Pursuit, Fall, 1995, vol. 27, no. 1, pg. 6.

In 1934 Dr. Louis C. Wright left the ministry to become president of B-W. He served until 1948.