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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Greek Life - G

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

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Gamma Sigma

Citation: A. Wesley Roehm, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1928), p. 160.

In the few short years since 1921 when Gamma Sigma first saw the light of day on this campus, it has developed from a struggling infant group, to a strong and splendid group of happy girls who have spread out into all the fields of college activities. You will find us in literary circles, upon the dramatic platform, on the athletic field, in honorary groups, and in musical circles.

As all work and no play would make Jill a very dull girl, we get together quite frequently and forget work long enough to have a glorious time, sometimes sedately, sometimes more frolicsomely, but always with the same old splendid Gamma Sigma spirit. Thus it is that we all work up new ambitions for higher fields to conquer.

We're a happy and contented bunch, for we are Gamma Sigma!

Citation: Dean Webb, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1935), pp. 86-87.

Some fourteen years ago, in 1921, there was a decided need for a third sorority on the B.-W. campus. With this in mind Mrs. Morion Condit (Deon of Women), and Professor Horry L. Ridenour ( President of the Inter-fraternity Board), brought about complete organization of a branch of the Philmotheon Society, into a sorority under the Greek symbols of Gamma Sigma. It has struggled to prominence on the campus and at the present time is a closely knit and effective organization which hos as its chief purpose "Mutual improvement in the powers of self-expression."

Germania Verein

Citation: "College Items," College Gazette, November 1858, p. 6.

Members of the Germania Verein at an unknown location circa 1884. Source:Greek Honor Society, Box 2, File BW.02.31 Germania Literary Society.

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A German Literary Society has been formed called Germania Verein. They will occupy a room in Wallace Hall adjoining the present location of the German Department. They are already making some· improvements, prepare it for a society and reading room. A number of German papers have already found a place in the reading room. A small beginning of a Library has been secured, Rev. C. Gahn and H. Rhem have made donations as a beginning- and a valuable selection from Dr. Nast's Library is expected in a few days. Let our German and English friends remember the library and reading room of the German Department.​

The members of the Germania Society by unanimous vote decided to change the name of the society. The decision is in line with the program of making B.-W. stand for Americanism and was made in order that no misinterpretation be placed upon the spirit of the society. A new name has not as yet been selected.

Gordian Literary Society

Citation: Everette Fyler, ed., “Gordians Change To Zeta Kappa,” The Exponent, October 27, 1922, p. 1.

After much agitation among the members of the Gordian Literary Society among the alumni and friends and because of a lung fell need for a Grecian symbol, the Society after careful deliberation has decided upon the name Zeta Kappa.

With this announcement, the Society with its ideals, traditions and spirit of service becomes embodied in Zeta Kappa. Only the name Gordian has become history.

Each and every individual man has pledged his energy and resources to the task of giving to Zeta Kappa the significance of the name "Gordian".

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