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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Organizations - O

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Ohio Student Education Association (OSEA)

Citation: Ann Skoglund, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1966), p. 49.

The Ohio Student Education Association is an organization for students in elementary and secondary education. Programs of panels, speakers, or films arc presented monthly to the members to broaden their views on education and to introduce new methods and new legislation in education. This year an F.T.A. Day was held for high school students in the area, and a Christmas party was given for the children's ward in a hospital. Officers include President Alys Spears; Secretary Sue Reed; Treasurer John Rodeheffer; Membership Karen Reifsnyder; Assistant Membership Jay Sarapata; Social Marilyn Messer; Publicity Linda Glymph; Program Tom Jones; Communications Becky Norris; and Assistant Publicity Nancy Hollowell.

Oratorical Association

Citation: "Oratorical Association," 1920-21 Grindstone, page 88.

No other student activities at Baldwin-Wallace arouse quite as much interest as do the annual Inter-Society oratorical and debate contests. This year in two splendid forensic battles the Goethe and the Phi Kappa Phi Societies were victors over the Sigma Phi and the Gordian Society respectively. In the oratorical contest Mr. Lamy, representing the Goethe Society was declared winner. In an unusually splendid essay and short story contest the Alpha Kappa Sigma Society was winner, retaining the loving cup a second year. The winning short story, essay and oration are printed in another part of this book. 


Citation: Harold A. Speckmann, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1914), p. 129.

 When we stop to consider the comparative youth of the Baldwin-Wallace Orchestra and its present standard of excellence, we are immediately struck with the marvelous rapidity of its development. From a struggling organization of ten members it has grown to its present size of approximately 30. We need only to mention the name of the director, Prof. Albert Riemenschneider, and you can readily understand this rapid progress. His buoyant enthusiasm and dogged persistence have never wavered, and he is now reaping the reward of his continuous efforts.

Among the important works which have recently been rendered by the Orchestra are: Beethoven's First and Second Symphonies, Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony," Haydn's "Surprise Symphony," Bizet's "Suite Arlesienne," Grieg's "First Peer Gynt Suite," the "Euryanthe," "Oberon" and "Jubel" overtures of Weber, and "Ruy Blas" overture of Mendelssohn.

The first "Pop" concert was given on the tenth of March, and the crowded condition of the auditorium attested to the "popularity" of the Orchestra. The program included, besides the orchestral product ions, several violin solos by Mr. Louis Kintz of Cleveland, and a concerto by Mrs. Penniman, accompanied by the Orchestra. The soloists of the second concert were: Mrs. Albert Riemenschneider, Prof. Sidney C. Vernon, and Mr. Ernst H. Guenther. Besides its own entertainments the Orchestra has accompanied the Choral Union in its rendition of the oratorios and cantatas of the great masters.

Director ..................... Prof. Albert Riemenschneider

Accompanist ........................... Mrs. Ira B. Penniman

Citation: A. Wesley Roehm, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1928), p. 110.

The Conservatory orchestra was organized last year under the direction of Professor Carl Schluer. Several concerts were given: one at the Conservatory and one at the First Methodist Church in Cleveland. This year the orchestra gave several concerts and also co-operated with the Glee Clubs for the Home Concert. This year has been the most successful for the orchestra since its ,organization.

Citation: Glenn F. Wickes, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1941), p. 57.

This is no jive-strictly classical. Professor George Poinar, head of the violin department in the conservatory really has a "bang-up" organization.

The orchestra is always performing. They certainly play an important role in the conservatory. In the Mendelssohn Festival, which was held November 30 and December 1, they were right on hand. The Bach Festival couldn't get along without them; they were the back-bone of that fiesta, too.

Outdoor Activities Club

Citation: Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1987), p. 134.

The Outdoor Activities Club is an organization which was founded last year under the leadership of Larry Ulrich. This club has evolved to encompass a diversified group of students in an effort to join together for fun. The organization's main objective is to get students involved in weekend trips to a number of places in "the great outdoors." With the advantages of special group rates and free transportation, supplied by the B.W. Activities Van, many students took advantage of the get-aways offered.

This year the club went on fishing, canoeing, and hiking trips. They capped off the year with a white water rafting trip down the New River in West Virginia.

This organization has proved to be of vital importance to the whole Baldwin-Wallace community in that it helps to unite the campus together in doing activities that interest all.