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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Personnel - C

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Clark, Frank L.

Citation: Thomas. A. Stiger, ed., The X Ray (Berea, OH: Baldwin University, 1896), p. 19.

Frank L. Clark. Source: 1898 Baldwin University X Ray Yearbook, page 19. Click on image to enlarge.

Frank L. Clark was born in Ogden, Monroe Co., N. Y. He was educated at the A. M. Chesbro Seminary, Chili, N.Y., and at the State Normal and Training School, Brockport, N.Y., being graduated from the latter in June, 1890. The same year he entered Amherst college, from which he was graduated with the degree of A. B. in June, 1894.

From January 1, 1895, till June of the same year Mr. Clark was teacher of Classics and German in the Cleveland Home School for Boys, Cleveland, O. Thence he was called to Baldwin University.

Collier, George F.

Citation: Thomas. A. Stiger, ed., The X Ray (Berea, OH: Baldwin University, 1896), p. 21.

George F. Collier. Source: Page 11, 1917 Grindstone.

Click on the image to enlarge.

G. F. Collier, Professor of Literature, was born in Durant, Iowa, [the date of his birth was not furnished.-Editors.] His father was at one time a member of the North Ohio Conference, but in 1879 he became a chaplain in the United States Army and was stationed in North Dakota until his retirement. The Professor's college education began at Hamline, near St. Paul, Minnesota, where he attended for three years. In the fall of 1889 he entered Ohio Wesleyan University, from which he graduated in 1892, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Science. The next three years were spent in Harvard, where he received the A. B. and A. M. degrees. In the summer of 1895 he received his call to Baldwin University. Although the Professor has been with us but a year, he has succeeded in getting his department into excellent shape.

Collier, Mark

Citation: Stephanie Bayer, "Marking the Millenium," Grindstone (2000): pg.11.

Dean Mark Collier in his office. Source: Grindstone, 1994, pg.82. Click on image to enlarge

Dr. Mark Collier is now Baldwin Wallace's seventh president after twenty five years at Baldwin Wallace College. He came to Baldwin Wallace in 1974 as chaplain of the college and professor of religion. From 1978-82 he was Associate Dean and Director of Mission Action. In 1981 he became the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College. He has been responsible for leadership of the academic program as well as administrative offices relating to enrollment, development services, continuing education and multicultural affairs.

Dr. Collier received his bachelors from DePauw University in 1964 and his Master of Divinity from Yale University in 1968. He earned his Ph.D. in higher education from Kent State in 1979. 

Dr. Collier has stated numerous times since taking office that he is absolutely convinced he can not be a successful leader of this institution without meaningful involvement and the support of the student body. He is committed to leading BW's future with the best interests of the students at heart.

Citation: James D. Harvey, ed., "Collier Appointed Chaplan," Pursuit 6, no. 6 (March 1974): 2.

President A. B. Bonds, Jr., announced the appointment of Rev. Mark H. Collier as chaplain of Baldwin-Wallace College, effective September 1.

The new chaplain has been minister of the North Olmsted United Methodist Church for the past six years. He has been active in the Cleveland District, United Methodist Church, serving as the district youth director for two years and currently as co-chairman of the Committee on Ministry.

In the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, Rev. Mr. Collier is secretary of the Division of Ministry; chairman of the Committee on Testing and Guidance; and a member of the Division of Pastoral Care.

He was appointed in 1973 to serve on the Youth Advisory Commission of the City of North Olmsted. The Commission's task was to examine the sociological factors affecting the lives of young people in North Olmsted. The Rev. Mr. Collier received a. B.A. degree from De Pauw University and an M. Div., Yale University Divinity School, where he was awarded the Thew Prize for originality in expository preaching. He did additional study in theology at Case Western Reserve University graduate school.

In 1966 the minister and his wife, the former Martha Craig, spent the year in Scotland where he served as assistant minister in the Linwood Parish Church, near Glasgow.

The Colliers have two sons: Matthew, who will be three in September, and Trent, 6 months.

Collier succeeds the Rev. John E. Patterson, who is now dean of students at Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina. Patterson served B-W as chaplain and assistant professor of religion for seven years.

Cramer, Frederic

Citation: Deane R. White, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1922-23), p. 28.

Frederic Cramer; Professor of Philosophy. Source: 1922-23 Grindstone, page 28. Click on image to enlarge.

Mr. Frederic Cramer, our "Giant in Philosophy," is certainly a typical example of the above quotation, for he combines religion and philosophy in his life as an entirely harmonious relationship.

Dr. Cramer's class hours are always enjoyed (not by sleeping) by the students. One loves to delve into unknown places, thus experiencing great things, even if when one again comes to earth, his celestial journey is something which is not understood.

Dr. Cramer stands in the minds of all as a man whose friendship is worth cultivating.