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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Publications - S

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

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Shoo Fly

Citation: Shoo Fly (Berea, OH), June 9, 1870.

As you unfold our little sheet think only of the intention of those who have deemed its. annual appearance an indispensable part of Commence­ment. Our modest, unassuming ti­tle signifies but too plainly the in­tent of our paper. No harsh blow or " love tap" is intended-a single dispassionate " Shoo!" is vociferat­ed, demonstrating some-of B. U.'s sons and daughters as they really are, in the words of the immortal Butler, and pointing to some of their invidious stains, and guarding them in the future against leaving such troublesome encumbrances on the sterile soil of humanity.


Citation: "We'd like to introduce you to Synergies," Synergies 1, no. 1 (Fall 2008), p. 1.

We'd like to introduce you to Synergies and the first issue of a new publication designed to help us share the exciting stories of the people, programs and initiatives in the dynamic learning community that is Baldwin-Wallace College today. 

B-W was one of the first Ohio colleges to reach out to its alumni with a publication exclusively for them. Shortly after the election of Hilbert T. Ficken '08 as first president of the B-W Alumni Association, the Baldwin-Wallace Alumnus was mailed in November 1920. "Published for the alumni and former students of Baldwin-Wallace College," this quarterly magazine provided "personals, class notes, happenings on and off the campus" to interested readers for nearly five decades.

In 1970, Pursuit made its debut and quickly evolved to a tabloid format, which encouraged a broad representation of "news briefs from the campus." The new title was intended to help focus on the energy and ambitions of Baldwin-Wallace College at that time: a launching pad for the pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of justice, the pursuit of excellence. The focus was to ensure that the expanding rolls of the Baldwin-Wallace community could be kept up-to-date as undergraduate and graduate learning options for older students were added, the campus developed and the College continued to grow in enrollment and stature. This summer, Pursuit closed its 39th volume.

Alumni have told us consistently that through Pursuit they felt they were well-informed about the who, what, when, where, why of things happening on campus, but we believe that the format also has limited our ability to provide the context or significance of those events and to explore issues in greater depth. 

So, why Synergies? The word describes combined action, the cooperative effort of two or more elements, and a very appropriate portrayal of those aspects of Baldwin-Wallace College that have been central to the experience here for more than 160 years. Since its beginnings, the heart of B-W has been great teaching and the special relationships between students and their faculty mentors that produce incredible results. Today, those relationships are augmented by opportunities for leadership development and applied learning that create an overall educational experience tailored to each student. But the magic of this experience is a product of this distinctive synergy.

We also hope that this magazine will be the catalyst for synergies among existing and developing media as we seek expanded and new ways to engage our alumni and friends in the life of the College. It's an exciting and daunting challenge. We hope you enjoy the outcome.

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