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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Personnel - E

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Eddy, S. W.

Citation: Thomas. A. Stiger, ed., The X Ray (Berea, OH: Baldwin University, 1896), p. 18.

Mrs. S. W. Eddy. Source: 1898 Baldwin University X Ray, page 18. Click on image to enlarge.

Mrs. S. W. Eddy, the present Preceptress of Baldwin University, was born in Medina Co., Ohio, in 1860. In 1883 she completed the classical course in Baldwin University, and in the fall of the same year married the Rev. Barton T. Eddy, of the same class, with whom she set sail for India as a missionary.

What was fondly hoped might prove a life work was cut short in only three and a half years by the death of her husband and the disastrous effects of the climate.

On returning to her native land she spent two years in Evangelistic and mission work in Ohio, after which she went to Utah to enter again the ranks of the missionaries, and this time in the most difficult of all fields. Here six years were spent in teaching-two in the Salt Lake Seminary and four in the Territorial Agricultural College of Utah. This last position she resigned to accept her present one.

The Ladies' Hall, over which she so faithfully and efficiently presides, has been the happy home of a large number of girls this year. Mrs. Eddv has done all things to promote the best interests of those under her charge, and all who come in contact with her cannot help but be uplifted both spiritually and morally.

She is in every way fitted for the responsible position she has been called to fill, and it can be truthfully said that only good will and harmony are felt in the family home.

In appreciation of her kindness the young ladies gave her on her birthday an Epworth League pin on which was engraved these words: "To one we love." This little incident shows how much she is esteemed by all whose privilege it is to be under her care.

Ernsthausen, John

Citation: "Trustees; Former Trustee," Pursuit (1975): pg. 29.

JOHN ERNSTHAUSEN, Mar. 20, at his home, Norwalk, age 86. He was the founder of Norwalk Truck Lines, Inc. In 1961 Ernsthausen Hall, a men's residence, was named for him and his first wife, the late Doris Ernsthausen. Mr. Ernsthausen, who had been a member of the B-W Board of Trustees since 1946, was on the executive and investment committees. B-W's President A. B. Bonds, Jr., gave the eulogy. He is survived by his wife, Fern Marett Ernsthausen. Memorial contributions may be made to The John F. Ernsthausen Scholarship Fund at Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio 44017.