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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Other - P

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Philura Gould Baldwin Library (Song)

Citation: Miss H. A. Foster, "Philura Gould Baldwin Library," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Great Builder Thou, whose power alone
Hath laid in space the corner- stone
Of countless worlds- 0 what are we
Who build and dedicate to thee?

Yet is it thine-this structure fair;
Each stone was set with faith and prayer,
Though eyes were dim and hearts were sore
For one gone forth, who comes no more.

Accept it Lord and let it prove
To souls athirst for light and love
A place where truth's illumined page
Shall glow for childhood, youth and age.

The cherished name this building bears,
Won all the wealth of love it wears;
These walls, which now that name endears,
Shall stand, above the drift of years.

Swing back, O doors! "Let there be light."
From shadowed vale to sunlit height,
It was not far!- O dear one gone-
In blessed deeds live on, live on!

Physics Department

Citation: “Science in the Liberal Arts,” Baldwin-Wallace Alumnus 40, no. 6 (1965): p. 18.

It has been predicted by the United States Government that there are three jobs available for every two physicists. Teaching, as well as research and development, offers many career opportunities. A physicist would be more than adequately prepared for public school teaching by combining a scientific curriculum with a secondary education program. For those interested in a career of research and development, a greater depth of courses is available. These additional study areas prepare physicists for graduate school or for direct employment. Supplementing the opportunities in pure physics, the physics department offers an engineering preparatory program in which a student studies basic sciences and humanities at Baldwin-Wallace for three years. Then, under a cooperative program with Columbia University, he spends two years in advanced work in the engineering field of his choice. At the end of the five -year program, both schools confer degrees upon the student. This department aims to prepare its students for the critical thinking necessary to place them in sound jobs in today's scientifically oriented society.