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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Organizations - D

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Dayton C. Miller Gold Key Society

Citation:New Honor Fraternity Bears Name Of Late Dayton C. Miller,” Baldwin-Wallace Alumnus 27, no. 1 (1949): p. 8.

Baldwin-Wallace College's honor fraternity has been named for the late Dayton C. Miller, '86, who served as president of the board of trustees.

"The Dayton C. Miller Gold Key Society" will be the group's official name. Students must earn grades of B plus (3.4) or better for six terms before being eligible for membership.

Dr. Miller earned his degree in 1886 in philosophy. He held a D. Sc. from Princeton University, awarded in 1890, and in 1933 B-W honored him with the same degree.

An authority on acoustics, Dr. Miller was professor of physics at Case School of Applied Science for many years. He served as a member of the board, as secretary, and as president, and was active in all college affairs until his sudden death in 1941.

Citation: Ann Skoglund, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1966), p. 62.

This honorary seeks to develop the ideal of high academic achievement. Those eligible must have been on the Dean's List for six quarters, and must have the approval of a faculty committee in order to become a member. This honor fraternity is named in honor of Dayton C. Miller, a distinguished graduate of B-W. Professor of physics at Case Institute of Technology for many years, he also served his alma mater as a member of the Board of Trustees, holding offices of secretary and president.

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Debate Team

Citation: Glenn F. Wickes, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1941), p. 65.

The Debate Team of Baldwin-Wallace warrants almost as much fame as the football and basketball teams. During the past year it has won better than seventy-five per cent of its contests. The Debate Team has traveled farther than any other organization or team in the college.

The debaters still talk about places like Rock Hill, South Carolina, Knoxville, Tennessee, and various points in Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. This year, the team is planning a number of long "hikes" into new fields of forensic scuffle.

Bill McFarlane holds the unique honor of having been a participant in the greatest number of debates. He has debated inter-collegiately, well over one hundred times, topping any former record.

Dorm Dweller's Union

Citation: “Dorm Dweller's Union Notes,” The Exponent, November 4, 1919, p. 3.

The newest organization to appear on the congested organization campus of Baldwin-Wallace college is the "Dorm Dwellers Union," founded for the purpose of knocking an insidious rule from the fourteen commandments of the Dorm. Threatening a strike, the victory was won without serious conflict and the men assumed control of the commandments, discarding the eleven o'clock rule "Lights Out." Having won its first victory, the union has progressed until it holds weekly meetings and plans further conquests, for the betterment of the Dorm and college.

At the meeting held last week, the national union songs were adopted, "Come Let Our Voices Raise" to the tune of "America" and "Start the Music, Brothers" to the tune of "Marching Through Georgia" resounds from every nook and corner when the delipidated organ is brought into use, and the Union Men have a "Sing." Officers are: Walden Sta[illegible], Pres., Walter Morunga, Vice. Pres., and Cutler Bollard, Sec.

Dramatics Club

Citation: “Dramatic Club,” The Exponent, October 1, 1920, p. 5.

At last we have it, a real, live, Dramatic club at Baldwin-Wallace, which will give its initial performance on Friday evening October 15. On that evening this club will present “A Case of Suspension," a comedy in one act.

A dramatic club orchestra is being organized which will also appear on the program the 15th.

A great deal of interest is being displayed over the proposition which under the capable direction of Prof. McLean bids fair to become a remarkable success. The two preliminary meetings that were held were well attended and much enthusiasm was expressed.

A temporary chairman was appointed to take charge until complete organization can be effected. The election of officers will take place the first week in November.

It is the plan of the club to put on from time to time plays or entertainments for the benefit of the various College organizations.

Curtains are to be purchased and other stage equipment as required which will become the permanent property of the club.

A prize of one dollar will be given to the person suggesting the best, name or the club. All contestants for this prize should write the name they wish to suggest on a slip of paper and hand same to Alvin Cox before Oct. 10th. The winner of the contest will be announced in the next edition of the Exponent.

Citation: A. Wesley Roehm, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1928), p. 139.

One of the latest organizations to be established on the campus is the Dramatic Club, under the direction of Professor and Mrs. Burns. Meetings are held twice a month and at these times one-act plays are presented. These plays are directed by members of Theta Alpha Phi and by the Class in Play Production. From these plays, parts are given in three-act plays to those who show merit.

One of the most interesting plays given was that written and directed by James Hamlin, entitled "The Child of the Dragon's Tooth". Some of the other plays presented were, "A Seat in the Park", "Who is :the Fool?", "The Separation of the Browns", "Betsy Baker", "A Workhouse Ward", "Malted Milk", and "Marcea", "Sunset", "Brothers in Arms", "Marriage."

Citation: Glenn F. Wickes, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1941), p. 62.

The Dramatics Club of Baldwin-Wallace is one of the school's largest clubs. Sponsored by the Speech Department, the club offers membership to all those interested in any of the fields of dramatics, whether acting or some other phase.

This year there are about forty members in the group. Among these we find people from all departments of the college. We find all types: the he-man athlete, the aesthetic musician, the minister, the scientist, the prospective business man, the cute blushing co-ed all interested in becoming stars. Hardly a day goes by when the dramatic department does not have a rehearsal for some production.