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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Campus Locations - T

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Trailer Camp

Citation: Updated B-W History, n.d.

After World War II, many soldiers attended college through the G. I. Bill. Many of these students were married, and some had children. For this reason, living in a dorm wasn't possible. A community of house trailers were set up in 1944 to provide housing for veterans and their families. The original twenty-five trailers were obtained from the Federal government and moved to B-W from Cleveland. The 22' x 8' trailers at B-W were located behind the stadium, in an area once used as the practice football field. The trailer camp residents used community shower, necessitating a walk to the shower and back, which was harder in the winter. All water had to be hauled to and from the trailer. The trailers consisted of one bed, one closet, a fold-down table, two chairs, and some storage space over the bed. Cooking was done on a butane stove and hot plate and clotheslines were shared between buildings. The trailer camp staff included a full-time superintendent, two part-time students, and college maintenance men. The students were involved in many of the regular college activities, but considered themselves different 38 because of their added responsibilities. At its peak in 1950, the trailer camp had fifty-five trailers in use. During its time of use, the camp housed 157 families.

By 1953, however, the camp had only twenty-eight trailers with ten being occupied. The last of the trailers was vacant by June of 1953. The trailers were sold to various groups and individuals.

Trophy Room

Citation: “New Trophy Room,” The Exponent, June 13, 1921, p. 1.

B-W. will soon have a real athletic trophy room. Coach Lemke is fixing room 5 in the Memorial building.  From seeing a few of the things that will be put there we are sure it will be a room of which to be proud. There will be pictures of many of B-W.'s athletic teams and many trophies and other things of interest.