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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Other - G

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

German Wallace College Song

Citation: "College Song," n.d.

Du Stadt der Weisheitslehren, 
Du Ort der Jugendzier
Um deinen Ruhm zu mehren,
Sind wir versammelt hier.

In drei Sprachen steig' empor
Uns'res Liedes Jubelchor!
Stimmet heute insgemein
In den Jubel freurlig ein!


Wallace College, Wah, Hoo, Wah!
With a Tiger, Sis! Boom! Ah!
Rah, Rah, Wallace! Wah, Hoo, Wah!
With a Tiger, Sis! Boom! Ah!
Oh, German Wallace College,
To all a place so dear,
Who come in quest of knowledge
From parts remote and near,
Many a man hast thou sent forth
Who has proved his sterling worth
Of our dear G. W. C.
So may it ever be!

Erg(o) omnes gaudeamus
Dum sumus juvenes,
Jucunda sit inventus
Osores pereant!
Vivat academia,
Vivant professores!
Vivat membra quaelibet
Semper sint in flore!


See: student web exhibit, curated by Yasmine White at

Go! Varsity! Go!

Citation: "Go! Varsity! Go!," in Songs and Yells, n.d.

Go! Varsity! Go!
Go! Varsity! Go!
Hit 'em high! Hit 'em low!
Go! Varsity! Go!
Varsity! Varsity! Varsity!

Gold and the Brown (Song)

Citation: "Hail Baldwin," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Tune - "Come with Singing"
Come with singing, praise our .ichool to-day,
Happy tribute pay, with our joyous lay,
Let the watchword now and ever be
Baldwin University.
As before us other students sang,
As their voices on the campus rang,
We to day in accents loud and long,
Blend each voice in song.

Then let our voices ring for old B. U.
And tho' time may changes bring yet we'll stand true,
Jo the Brown and th'Golden may it ever be,
Our bright colors wave above for you and me.

Let us all have p'easures, yet not far
From our studies turn, but improve each hour;
Time flies swiftly, let us gain each day
Lasting knowledge while we may ;
Happy college days will soon be past,
I 'aps and gowns and our degrees at last,
And of these bright memories will give
Pleasure while we live.

Thus our training in this noble school
For the way of life, there to serve or rule,
As an armor shining in the sun,
Shows the battle well begun;
Helmet bright and girdle made of truth,
Head and heart and hand for God in youth,
When the battle in his name is won,
He will say "Well done."