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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Other - L

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Little Sibs Weekend

Photo of Little Sibs ice cream social, held April 26, 1997. Photo by Erin Toomey. Source: Photo Boxes, Events Box 7, BW.02.38 Little Sibs Weekend. Click on the image to enlarge.

Citation: Michael A. Ackerman, “PBP's 'Family Ties' Brings Sibs to Campus,” Exponent (Berea, OH), March 4, 1987, p. 3.

"Family Ties" will be taking place on the B-W campus March 7 and 8. No, NBC's popular sit-com will not be filmed here; Family Ties, in this case, refers to the Program Board sponsored Little Sibs Weekend.

“All B-W day students and faculty can bring their little siblings or friends age 8 to 18 to the campus,"-explained "Family Ties" chairman Dave Stratis. Sibling weekends have been very popular at other colleges and universities and "from the amount of applications received, Little Sibs Weekend looks like It will be very successful here," commented Stratis.

Citation: Jennifer Tisler, “Plans made for Little Sibs and Kids Weekend,” Exponent (Berea, OH), April 12, 1989, p. 1.

Program Board, along with the help of the admission's office. Alumni, and parent relations, will be holding Little Sib's and Kid's Weekend. The weekend will begin on Saturday. April 22 at 9:00 a.m. with registration and end Sunday. April 23 at noon. The weekend will be kicked off by Rollerblade, an exciting and different art of rollerskating. The majority of the activities are geared toward little sibs and kids ages 8-18. Commuter families are also encouraged to bring their little sibs or kids to see where they attend college too. Little sibs should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towels, and other things necessary for sleeping in their big sibs room. Also, they should bring "beach" clothes for the dance on Saturday in the SAC. The dance will carry the "beach" theme with many great prizes and giveaways. The college and Program Board use Little Sib's and Kid's weekend as a social activity for the students (since Spring fever is in the air), to enhance family atmosphere, bringing sib's closer together, and as a "recruitment tool" (Many students remember coming to B-W as little sibs.) Program board, admission's office, alumni, parent relations, and Dennis Fleming (advisor) have put together a fun filled weekend.

Citation: Andrea Hadley, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1990), p. 38.

Little Sibs Weekend is rewarding for B-W students as well as their sibs. Being away at college makes it hard for students to keep strong relationships with their younger siblings. They miss just having their company. The opportunity to spend a weekend with an older sibling is often priceless for the younger ones.

Citation: Terri Lane, ed., “Little Sibs Welcome!,” Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1998), p. 44.

Time flies fast with the flurry of little feet running across campus, as they scurry rom one activity to another. Little Sib's Weekend comes but once a year and it is a three-day event that is looked forward to by both the students and the sibs as a time to have fun and share wonderful memories.

Little Sib's Weekend has been part of the B-W tradition for the past twelve years. Every year, Campus Entertainment Productions (C.E.P.) plans, prepares, and hosts the weekend event. This year C.E.P. chose the theme "Hercules" and based many of the events around the chosen theme. To kick off the fun-packed weekend, they bowed the Disney Movie Hercules, on the big screen in the S.A.C. The movie got the ball rolling but the evening was not over yet. Friday night's main attraction was a magician. The magician's name was Steve Trash, a man who was entertaining and interesting enough to captivate audiences of all ages. His magic show was based on doing unique tricks with ordinary garbage.

Locomotive Yell (Varsity Yell)

Citation: Harold A. Speckmann, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1914), p. 136.

Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Baldwin-Wallace!
Rah! Rah! Rah ! Rah! B.-W.! B.-W.!
Rah ! Rah! Rah! Rah! Baldwin-Wallace!