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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Organizations - T

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Teaching Together

Citation: Rhonda L. Fabrizi, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1989), p. 203.

Teaching Together promotes professional teacher education interests to students who's focus is in an educational field.

This year, the group sponsored a seminar on child abuse; spoke with superintendents and principals from surrounding areas; held resume workshops to prepare students for the academic work force.

In addition to seminars, the group also scheduled social activities such as, a Halloween party, breakfast meeting, and spring dinner.

Theological Society

Citation: Harold A. Speckmann, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1914), p. 111.

The purpose of this organization is to give practical training to those contemplating entering the ministry. Its motto is "Soul Saving." The Society was organized in 1907, and since that time has exerted a marked influence on all its members. In its weekly meetings such topics are discussed as tend to acquaint the student with the work of the modern clergyman, viz.: Tact in the Ministry, The Preacher and His Sermons, House Visitation, Des Prediger's Aufgaben, etc. Occasionally one of the members delivers a sermon before the Society and it is then criticised as to content and delivery. A number of the students are also engaged in mission work in Cleveland and vicinity. The Society is under the supervision of Prof. Cramer and Dr. Stiefel. 

Citation: "Theological Society," 1920-21 Grindstone, page 64. 

On Friday afternoon of each week, at five o'clock, there assembles, in room II of the Memorial Building, a very eager group of young men. And why are they eager? There is to be a sermon by one of their number, or perhaps an address by some special speaker. If the former is the case, there will follow the inevitable remarks of the Critics, and these remarks are invariably a source of great instruction an inspiration, not only to the embryo preacher, who sermonic attempt is being criticised, but to the audience as well.

The meetings are usually conducted in the German language, as the purpose of the society is to provide opportunity for the practical development of students preparing to enter the German branch of the ministry. On the first Friday of each month, however, there is an English service addressed, usually by some member of the Faculty. The society is very fortunate in having as its Critics, Dr. Stiefel, Dr. Hertzler, and Dr. Cramer, whose sincere and valuable assistance has made the Theological Society an important factor in the life of every Theological student.

Teutonia Society

Citation: Harold A. Speckmann, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1914), p. 124.

The Teutonia Society is an organization of Baldwin-Wallace College which has a great future. It was called into existence by earnest students who felt the need of a society in which only the German language is spoken. Thus far the Teutonia has made wonderful progress. Many Americans who are preparing to teach modern languages have become members. The aim of the Teutonia Society is to aid all students who come here, in their efforts to become more efficient in the German language.

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