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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: 1970s

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

1978: NCAA Division III National Football Championship

Citation: Kieth A. Peppers, 2020.


The Yellow Jackets received their first ever NCAA Division III playoff initiation in 1978. BW’s football team was undefeated that season, winning the division title. A tied game against Wittenberg during the OAC Championship was the only hiccup that season. Wittenberg would get their rematch as both rivals would once again face each other for the NCAA Division III title. The rematch was televised on ABC Sports and spectators from across the nation tuned in to watch. Unlike their previous game, the Yellow Jackets soundly beat the Wittenberg Tigers, ending the game with a score of 24-10. The pinnacle of his career, Lee Tressel would be named coach of the year.