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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: 2010s

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

2010: BW Joins the National Register of Historic Places

Citation: Kieth A. Peppers, 2020.

Several buildings were added to the National Register of Historic Places. The collective area formerly known as Lyceum Village Square and the campus of German Wallace College now form the Baldwin Wallace South Campus Historic District. The structures included in this designation include: the Student Activity Center, Klein Hall, 63 Beech Street, Saylor Hall, Wallace House, Wallace House Barn, Marting Hall, Dietsch Hall, Lindsay-Crossman Chapel, Kohler Hall, Merner-Pfeiffer Hall, the First Congregational Church, 19 Church Street, Kulas Musical Arts Building, and the historic stone stairs and retaining wall located between Merner-Pfeiffer and Kohler.

2012: Baldwin-Wallace College Becomes Baldwin Wallace University

Citation: Kieth A. Peppers, 2020.


Nearly a century after the last name change, Baldwin-Wallace College adopted a new name, changing “college” for the more appropriate title, “university”. B-W college had been growing undergraduate and graduate programs now reorganized itself into schools as a comprehensive University.

2012: Bob Helmer becomes president of BWU

Citation: Austin Patterson, 2021.

In 2012, Bob Helmer became the first president of the newly named Baldwin Wallace University.