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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Campus Locations - #

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

21 Beech


Left: Photo of 21 Beech Exterior, n.d. Source: Photo Boxes, Buildings, Box 1, File BW.01.1.1 21 Beech. Click on image to enlarge

Right: Photo of 21 Beech door plaque reading "Zeve Building - 1985," n.d. Source: Photo Boxes, Buildings, Box 1, File BW.01.1.1 21 Beech. Click on image to enlarge.


21 Beech. Source: "Housing; Living-Learning Communities,", Student Life. Click on image to enlarge.

Citation: Hoang, Mimi. “Residence Life makes changes as freshman class grows.” The Exponent, September 9, 1994, p. 1.

Now that Bagley Hall is no longer an all-male dorm and Hanson Hall has turned coed, the only non coed dorms that are left include Lang Hall, Victoria House, and the new Zeve Hall. All of these residence halls are only reserved for women.

Zeve Hall is the new freshmen center located near Saylor Hall. This hall will house twenty freshmen women. Zeve Hall used to be Boys' Town, a home for boys; Since B-W is presently leasing it to make more space available for freshmen, they pretty much had to keep the original name of the building, which was called Zeve Building.

Citation: Pennock, Amy. “Residence halls receive upgrades, call waiting: Freshman dorm 21 Beech Street completely redecorated.” The Exponent, September 20, 1995, p. 1.

Last year, Baldwin-Wallace College purchased 21 Beech, also known as Zeve Hull. Sixteen students from 21 Beech had to move out to make way for the construction that needed to take place. Renovations started at the beginning of Spring quarter last year. 21 Beech now has wall to wall carpeting throughout the halls and in the rooms.

Becky Shaw, the Director of Residence Life, said, "The rooms in 21 Beech are gorgeous." The baths on the first floor and the basement were completely remodeled. Furniture is brand new throughout the hall.

The students definitely approve of the renovations. The freshmen of 21 Beech Street are so pleased with their "home away from home," there is talk of a petition to slay all four years.

Much to their chagrin, 21 Beech is part of the freshmen housing, reserved each year for first-year students only. But they, along with other students in other dorms, can enjoy the new renovations for the time being.

Citation: Updated B-W History, n.d.

21 Beech, formerly Boy's Town, was purchased by B-W on January 7, 1995 after being leased for one year. The hall has a total capacity of 35 male and female students. The hall was renovated during the summer of 1995 to increase the capacity from 20 to 35 students. It was bought for a total of $622,000. The architects were Poyer, Porcelli, and Ramage and the contractor was Bennett Commercial. The hall is located at 21 Beach Street. 

63 Beech


Lambda Chi Fraternity, 1956. Source: Photo Boxes, Buildings, Box 1, File BW.01.2.1 63 Beech. Click on image to enlarge

Citation: Updated B-W History, n.d.

63 Beech Street was formerly the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house. It is located at 63 Beech Street between Saylor and Klein Halls. It is now part of the Freshman Complex which also includes Saylor and Klein Halls. It houses junior and senior students who are course assistants for the Freshman Experience College 101 program.