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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Sports - V

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The Varsity B-W Club

Citation: A. Wesley Roehm, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1928), pp. 212-213.

The Varsity B-W Club is one of B-W's up and coming campus organizations. The personnel of the Club is made up of those men who, through their ability in athletics or by making good as manager of an athletic team, have earned the right to wear the official B-W.

The members of the Club, while working faithfully and tirelessly to attain their ends, owe much of their success to their faculty advisers. Dr. Dustheimer, who is president of the Athletic Board, is an enthusiastic worker for the Club. To Athletic Director A. W. Collins we owe a great deal. He has given freely of his time and energy in the sponsoring of an athletic club. Prof. P. E. Baur is also one of our best friends, from whom we receive much valuable aid. George W. Wanner, the Graduate Manager of the College, is ever ready to shoulder his share of the work necessary to the proper functioning of the Club. It is Mr. H. C. Beyer upon whom we depend to keep our finances straight, and he has proved to be one of our best friends. Our post-graduate member, Walter Dickhaut, has also proved an invaluable aid to us this year.

It is the custom of the Varsity B-W Club to sponsor the annual football and basketball banquets. The Varsity B-W Club also sponsors each year the homecoming football and basketball games, which in their hands have been affairs long remembered by both alumni and students. In addition to sponsoring these social events of the year the Club has given the College a thirty-five foot flag pole, at the top of which proudly floats our B-W banner. They have also erected two electric basketball score boards in the gymnasium.