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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Organizations - F

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

First Book BWC

Citation: Matthew J. Jurick, ed., “First Book BWC,” The Exponent, Summer 2007, p. 19.

Remember your favorite book as a child? Good Night Moon, Peter Rabbit, Where the Wild Things Are- all childhood classics you probably have fond memories reading. Remember when you first learned to read? Running home to proudly show Mom your newly-acquired skills, pulling the first book off the shelf to read to her, instead of for her to read to you? Reading is a huge part of every kid's life. But sadly, there are millions of children in the United States, and even right here in Cleveland whose families simply do not have the money to afford to buy books.

Well, First Book BWC is a brand-new, nonprofit organization on campus working hard to combat this. As part of the National First Book organization, the BWC chapter coordinates a number of fundraising and community service activities to raise money and awareness of the importance reading and books play in a child's life. Our mission is to provide low-income families with brand-new books to enjoy and keep for their own.

Just last year, we were officially accepted and recognized by the National Advisory Board and given a gift of 5,000 new books to distribute to organizations dedicated to helping and working with low-income families. In the upcoming Fall 2007 semester, we will celebrate and give out our first 5,000 books and then set our sights on raising money to buy more books to donate. As a fairly new organization, First Book BWC has many leadership opportunities and opportunities for involvement We meet once a month in Wheeler Hall and always love new faces and those who share our passion for children, service, and of course- reading!

French Club

Citation: Matthew J. Jurick, ed., “French Club ,” The Exponent, Summer 2007, p. 19.

French Club is a unique language, cultural, and social-based organization which seeks to enable students to learn more about French and Francophone (French-speaking) cultures, pushing them one step closer to becoming "global citizens" who can work effectively in an increasingly interconnected world, an important trademark of a B-W education.

The members of French club hold regular meetings to discuss ideas for fun and/or educational French-based activities while also continuing to look for ways to promote multiculturalism and diversity on campus. French Club's most famous endeavor is its annual two-week French film festival, where students, faculty, and many members of the Berea community come together to enjoy French cinema (English subtitles are included). This event Is always a huge success, and is one of the club's primary fundraisers.

In the past, French Club has also taken trips to museums in Cleveland to observe French-related exhibits, dined at local French restaurants to experience authentic French cuisine, and held soirees to mark special occasions (such as the end of the semester) where members come together to cook and enjoy French food as well as each other's company. Additionally, French Club is a regular participant in Culture Night, a wonderful evening at B-W which allows students, faculty, and the community to learn more about dozens of cultures while having a great deal of fun.

Finally, for those students who are interested in speaking the French language or already do, most of French Club's members as well as their professor and sponsor meet once a week for one to two hours at a local coffee shop to converse in French. This comprises a wonderful opportunity for students to use their language outside of the classroom as well as for interested beginners to pick up some French.

As one can see, French Club is a very unique organization with much to offer its members, so any interested students, French-speaking or not should strongly consider joining. Hope to see you in the fall!