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An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

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Citation: "Introductory," 1897 Baldwin University Palladian Yearbook, 1897, page 16.

As if guided by Providence the present Annual comes to its readers despite the many obstacles which beset its progress and publication. Beset by hard times in the country at large, hindered and delayed by the greatest conflagration the town has ever known, the smallest class in the school presents this book in the interests of the University.

The publication was undertaken in order that we might fulfill the wish of the Editors of the X Ray, that the publication of an Annual might be a permanent feature in Baldwin University.

Our aim has not been to produce a work of literature, but to prepare a suitable and appropriate souvenir for the present college year. Knowing that

"A little nonsense now and then

is relished by the best of men."

we have indulged in that article somewhat freely. 

If, kind readers, we have become personal, just remember we have endeavored to treat all alike. At any rate wait at least ten years before offering any complaints, and then we are sure, you will have none to offer. We thank all who have in any way assisted us and especially feel grateful to the Ex-Presidents of the institution and Alumni who have so kindly co-operated with us.

Progressive Underground Dissent

Source: PUD, vol. 1, no. 2, March 1992, p. 4. Click on the image to enlarge.

Citation: Helmut Pigbag, "What We're All About", PUD, vol. 1, no. 1, February 1992, p. 2.

"We're tired of The Exponent." They don't print anything worthwhile"; "where is the truth?" We've all heard this before, the non-stop griping and complaining by students about B-W's college newspaper, The Exponent. There is a general unspoken feeling about The Exponent that it is nothing more than a PR tool, something the college uses to promote its little parties and luncheons. Who wants to read about a nothing group called "Something Special" when there are real injustices going on behind the scenes with the administration of this college? Who wants to read another stupid "Campus Notes" article about cartoons or TV shows or condoms, when there are other, more important things going on at B-W that no one wants to talk about? 

Enter PUD (Progressive Underground Dissent), Baldwin-Wallace's new and only totally uncensored newsletter. The PUD can and will speak what's on the mind of B-W students, basically because we don't work for anyone but ourselves. We don't have to answer back to any administration, no one regulates what we have to say. We can speak what is really on our minds and not have to worry about being censored by some unseen administrative board.

And we are here for you, the B-W student, who is tired of reading the senseless drivel and crap which our campus newspaper The Exponent is forced to print. We want this paper to be yours, your true insights and feelings as B-W students and not what the college would like you to hear. If there is an injustice on the campus, we want to know about it. If a professor is treating his/her students like crap and there is nothing the student can do about it, we want to know about it. If a class really sucks and you want to let other people know about it so that they don't make the same mistake you did, we want to know about it. That' s what it's all about. That's what we're all about. Give us a try. We hope you like us.


Citation: James D. Harvey, Pursuit, vol. 1, no. 1, August 1968.

PURSUIT is an experiment. PURSUIT represents a new concept and format for the B-W ALUMNUS magazine. It is an attempt to do a better job of communicating with all who are interested in what is happening at Baldwin-Wallace College.

Articles by and about alumni, students, faculty and administration will be included in the new magazine. There will also be stories relevant to the issues of education.

The personals column, which has been an important part of the ALUMNUS, will be published as a separate issue of PURSUIT three times a year, so that we can provide broader news coverage about alumni more frequently.

The decision was made to change the ALUMNUS because we wanted a magazine which would more effectively relate what is going on at B-W and in higher education. 

After several weeks of searching for a new name, we settled on PURSUIT because it best expresses the purpose of the College and this medium. Our president and his chief associates are constantly in pursuit of better qualified people to join our faculty, better facilities and educational programs appropriate to the times. And, the faculty as a whole pursues better ways to provide students with a quality education.

PURSUIT represents what we are seeking to do: pursue the best education has to offer, pursue creative ideas, pursue knowledge - the search or pursuit is unending.

Today's students are more aware of the world in which they live and are more vocal about it. PURSUIT will provide an outlet for their expressions to those outside their own community.

The opinions expressed in our articles will not necessarily be those of the College or of the editors, but they will reflect the atmosphere of the campus and of the community of higher education.

Your comments about PURSUIT will be welcomed.

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