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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Organizations - A

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

A Cappella Choir

Citation: Glenn F. Wickes, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1941), p. 58.

The A Cappella Choir, the largest singing organization, is a merging of liberal arts students and conservatory students.

The tour this year took forty of the sixty-six members to New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. They left April 5 and arrived back on campus on Easter afternoon.

"Come, Jesu, Come" was the number selected for the Bach Festival.

The officers are Harlan Thomas, president; Peg Morgan, secretary; Harold Barbee, librarian; and David Plank, business manager. Mr. Cecil W. Munk is the director.

Activities Board

Citation: Doris Hauser, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1940), p. 67.

The Activities Board promotes all social functions on the campus-setting up the rules and acting as the calendar committee. It has suffered a stormy administration this year. Although at first glance the personnel would seem a conservative one, a few proposals which will take effect next fall have shaken public opinion to a new height. Perhaps the popular acts of this board have been hidden in the blanket of opposition to measures of "reform in order to preserve". The latter have included the change from Monday to Friday night for fraternity and sorority meetings in order to provide a broader basis for all college functions, to tear down the "four-and-a- half day" attitude toward B-W., and to better scholastic standards. Another proposal is reorganization of club meetings for a better day and limitation of evening meetings. Both of these are in the experimental stage this spring, and in the fall the revised Social Calendar which was presented to the student body in March will go into full effect.

Citation: Glenn F. Wickes, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1941), pp. 20-21.

The Activities Board has probably one of the biggest headaches of the campus to contend with-that of setting up the social calendar. Its administration is always a stormy one and much credit must be given to the participants.

The faculty members are appointed by President Wright and the student members, who are also Social Chairmen for their classes, are appointed by the executive committee of their classes.

Arranging the social calendar included planning campus activities and establishing the rules- and regulations for all social functions on campus-a duty always open to comment.

Citation: Noreen Bonk Garman, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1955), p. 84.

An important committee of Student Council, the Activities Board schedules all social functions at B-W and sponsors much outside entertainment. Members of the board invite anyone who feels there is not enough going on to visit Thursday meetings and suggest solutions to the over-filled calendar.

See: Program Board (Organizations - P)

Administrative Board

Citation: A. Wesley Roehm, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1928), p. 20.

The Administrative Board is the legislative and executive body of the Student Assembly. It is composed of representatives elected by the various student organizations and constitutes that organization through which the student body acts. It controls the affairs of student life, and is the connecting link between students and faculty. The Board meets regularly once a month and at these meetings enacts the business which has been brought up for transaction. The monthly meeting of the Student Assembly usually follows the Administrative Board meeting and the President reports to the assembly the business transacted by the Board. The Student Assembly is vested with the power of referendum and recall and thus may act upon matters passed by the Board which are unsatisfactory to it.

Anime Etc. Club

Citation: Matthew J. Jurick, ed., “Anime Etc.,” The Exponent, Summer 2006, p. 20.

Anime Etc. Club is a brand new club that started up in February of 2006. Since we are new, we haven't been able to do all of the things that we had wanted to… yet. Our purpose is to promote many forms of Japanese entertainment on campus for free to all who come. Some of the activities include watching anime, playing Dance Dance Revolution, Super Smash Brothers, Soul Calibur, and other video games based on Japanese origin. In the next year, we hope to expand our activities to drawing anime, possibly taking trips to anime conventions, role playing, playing more Japanese-based games, and watching Japanese movies. There is really no form of membership to the club, you can just come to the meetings that are held weekly, though meeting times are subject to change next year. You don't have to be knowledgable in anime, just come, sit back, relax, and enjoy what we have to offer.

Art Attack

Citation: Matthew J. Jurick, ed., “Art Attack,” The Exponent, Summer 2007, p. 18.

Art Attack: The Student Art Club is the school art club on campus. We are a group that encourages students to learn and appreciate art in any way. We are people that love to see and experience the culture and passion that art brings. As a group we take trips to museums, galleries. and art exhibits/events, publicize art events on campus, hold weekly meetings to discuss group planning, and of course we have fun! The group has a regular attendance of 5-10 people (but that varies upon the event) so we have plenty of room for growth (which we welcome!) This coming year will be our first year with a budget, so we will be expanding the possibilities of what this group can accomplish in a year. Art Attack is a campus organization that has the potential to make a lasting effect on B-W. We hope to see the faces of many freshmen that share our appreciation for art!


Citation: "Athletics," 1920-21 Grindstone, page 84.

Athletics at Baldwin-Wallace have been for two years in a state of more or less uncertainty. The school lost many athletes at the advent of war, a loss which was made up in part by some fine athletic material from the Student Army Training Corps, but a loss from which the college has not yet fully recovered.

The football season of '18 was a most successful one. But this year's record is poor indeed. No one needs look far for the cause of the poor showing made by the team. It is a simple case of too little material. Coaching was excellent, the best B-W has ever had; fighting spirit was displayed by the team; but even those items cannot alone make a winning football team. There were flashes of form then the team weakened again. 

At the request of the student body the College Association withdrew from the Conference. A splendid schedule has been arranged for next year, and unhampered by conference rules our teams should become winning ones, and new life show evidence in athletics at Baldwin-Wallace.

In basketball B-W has been far more successful. Though the victories did not quite overbalance the defeats, the men who represented B-W have done credit to the school. The season was somewhat unstable in the way that the team showed form. Yet throughout the team showed a fine fighting spirit, whether winning or losing. 

Assembly Committee

Citation: Noreen Bonk Garman, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1955), p. 85.

There is a tradition at Baldwin-Wal lace which requires all full time students to attend an all-college assembly twice a month. This is frowned upon by a few rebels who dislike regimentation of any kind. The Assembly Committee plans and schedules all assemblies and in doing so tries to appeal to a variety of interests, a difficult job indeed.

Aufsatz Committee

Citation: Noelker, Robert E., ed., Grindstone, "The Last Aufsatz Committee," (Berea, OH: German Wallace College, 1910), p. 132.

These were the last of the "Aufsatzers." Of the nine on the picture but three are left-Bobby Noelker, Dan Matthaie and Walt Lemke. In their memories this picture will recall many happy evenings spent in enforcing the motto, "Hilf dem Bruder zur Demut," by means of thorough and nerve-tingling "Aufsatzes," administered with slippers, straps and bed slats. So diligently did the Committee ply their task that the faculty felt compelled to summon the "Aufsatzers" and inquire into their methods of procedure. As a result of the investigation by "Doc" and his colleagues, the nine heroes pictured above were given an indefinite leave of absence from all classes, and the "pater" in each case received the sad news in a faculty letter. Then was one of the time-honored traditions of old Wallace shattered, and to this day no "Aufsatz" has been administered to any unsuspecting Freshie.