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Encyclopedia of Baldwin Wallace University History: Other - O

An Index of Historical Content and Their Sources

Original Yell (Varsity yell)

Citation: Harold A. Speckmann, ed., Grindstone (Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1914), p. 136.

Rah! Rah! Wah! Hoo! Wah!
Sis! Boom! Bah! Tiger !
(Repeat three times, each time faster than

Our Own Dear Baldwin (Song)

Citation: "Our Own Dear Baldwin," in Baldwin University Alumni Songs, n.d.

Tune-One Thousand Years.
In '55 our own dear Baldwin
Hurled to the wind its emblem bright,
Told to the world in accents noble
That 'twas the signal of the right.


A thousand years my own dear Baldwin
Shall we behold thy wondrous growth,
And we, shall see thee marching onward
Till brighter glories thou shalt boast.

One thousand years 'twill wave in triumph
Over a school of world wide fame,
Calling a multitude of students,
Where they may hope to win a name.

Then to the many spacious buildings,
Which do now on the campus stand
Will be added several others,
Still more beautiful and grand .

Oh! then the hum of myriad voices
And the heavy football too,,
Will be heard as to the Chapel,
They shall come with hearts so true.